Leveraging the Azure DevOps (ADO) WSJF Extension Effectively

During the COVID19 pandemic I have been finding myself with more and more free time which I have been dedicating to contributing to my growth mindset.

Today, I wanted to share some lessons learned while configuring the WSJF extension provided by Microsoft Labs, a free plug in to allow this value to be calculated easily.

First, I forked the source code in github if you would like to learn how this code works. This includes full instructions on how easy it is to install and configure this extension (if you have admin access to your ADO project).


After I installed the extension I continued following the instructions to add the necessary fields to store the WSJF and RROE values, and linking these newly created fields to the calculation performed by the extension.

I experienced a minor hiccup when creating the two custom fields, which I quickly realized the root cause. I experienced a PEBCAK!

PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.

The root cause was a user error. I initially created the new field in my process template for the Feature work item type. My mistake was when attempting to create the same field for the Epic work item type.

ADO leverages the same attribute and metadata across work item types, which is awesome once understood. To fix my problem, since I had already created the field, I simply used the existing field since it was already added to the global library.

Full details about installing the extension can be found here: