Have you completed your free SAFe DevOps Assessment?

The latest 'dot release' upgrade of the SAFe Framework (version 4.6) released this month and along with it came a newly revamped DevOps Health Radar tool.

Along with this tool, the new v4.6 Big Picture has been announced and will official go live November 30th.

As more and more Enterprises are looking to relentlessly improve their Lean Agile journey to be capable to release on demand it is imperative for Agile Release Trains (ART) to continue to reflect and assess their maturity in this cultural area.

This tool enables Agile teams to leverage 'Systems Thinking' and take a holistic approach to incremental improvement. Additionally, it makes it easier to visualize strengths and weaknesses. Teams should continue to leverage this tool twice per year to ensure that they are seeing continued improvement.

Click the link below to take the free assessment.


This would be a great way to reflect with your Agile team to measure your organizations maturity. You will be presented with guided questions around 20 key areas pertaining to the four dimensions around the flow of value in the SAFe DevOps Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Simply answer each question by moving the slider between the 10 measurements as follows:

Sit (1-2), Crawl (3-4), Walk (5-6), Run (7-8), Fly (9-10)

The 10 categories translate to the five measurements that SAFe translates to (SAFe DevOps Health Radar uses a 5 point scale).

Afterwards, you will be provided to immediate results (example below), and also have the ability to see how your responses compare to other respondents answers with a benchmark.

The example below shows that quality is the most mature. But taking a systems thinking approach would be to Inspect & Adapt to improve overall, so we would hope that they next time we assessed we would see overall improvement around the wheel.

Agility Health Radar Example Results
Agility Health Radar Benchmark Results

Are you ready to learn more on your Lean Agile Journey? Click the link below for our next class that covers the SAFe DevOps Health Radar and how to leverage the Continuous Delivery Pipeline in the latest SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP) course (includes optional certification credential).